Written by Martyna Majok, Directed by Suzanne Heywood

“What’s most important in this life is this thing you have what no one can take from you”

At a bus stop in a run-down New Jersey town, Darja, a Polish immigrant cleaning lady, is done talking about feelings; it’s time to talk money. Darja with her husband Maks, left Poland in the early 1990’s in the pursuit of ‘The American Dream’ but the Ironbound of New Jersey is not the dream they imagined.

Over the course of 22 years, and three relationships, Darja negotiates for her future with men who can offer her love or security, but never both.

Darja—Gabriella Rose-Carter
Tommy—Alex Tsitsopoulos
Maks—Anthony Scundi
Vic—Will Atkinson

“Gabriella Rose Carter is the powerful centre piece in Majok’s gripping drama. As Darja, she presents a feisty master manipulator, equally hungry for true love as well as financial security. You can’t take your eyes off her.”—Nick Pilgrim, Theatre People

“If and when you see this powerful presentation of flawed, struggling but very real human beings in an America that is not so ‘great’, you cannot fail to be moved.” – Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers

Behind the curtain

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