Shining City

Written by Connor McPherson, Directed by Gabriella Rose-Carter

Set in Dublin, Conor McPherson’s Shining City tells the haunting and beautiful story of a grieving widower who claims to have been visited by the ghost of his recently deceased wife. Terrified and guilt ridden, John begins therapy sessions with Ian, a counsellor who is struggling with demons of his own.

As John’s sessions unfold, truth and lies are revealed for both men, as the two lost and lonely souls seek out the answers to their desperate need for connection and ultimately, to find some sense of meaning to their own existence.

Ian—Anthony Scundi
John—Sebastian Gunner
Neasa—Madeline Claire French
Laurence—Nick Cain

“It takes highly skilled actors and a fine director to go down that well and discover just how deep it is. Fortunately Q44 – a little company that continually mines the well in its quest for excellence – has those actors, and that director. The result is a wonderfully satisfying evening of theatre” —Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers

“Gabriella Rose-Carter directs her team of four performers with a sensitive and deft touch.  In her care, she also brings McPherson’s flawed yet personable characters to heartbreaking life. Rose-Carter’s group understand the value of acting, listening and reacting, creating an atmosphere of natural yet heightened emotion.” —Nick Pilgrim, Theatre People

“It’s a lingering and thought-inducing show on people’s struggle to find meaning and connection in the world in which they live.” —Myron My, Theatre Press

Behind the curtain

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