Hurly Burly

Written by David Rabe, Directed by Gabriella Rose-Carter

Set against a back-drop of an LA apartment and 80’s cocaine culture and desperation, four Hollywood players try to find meaning and connection.

Eddie—Anthony Scundi
Phil—William Prescott
Mickey—Will Atkinson
Artie—Kostas Ilias as Artie

Donna—Amelia Bishop
Darlene—Erin Marshall
Bonnie—Nicole Melloy

“Intense theatre at its best” – Weekend Notes

“A powerful performance of verbal dexterity and high energy…” – The Plus Ones

“So here is yet another powerful production from the Q44 (Theatre) company.” – Stage Whispers

 “(A) powerful experience packed with fishbowl claustrophobia and ferocious honesty. There is never a dull moment…”–Theatre People

Behind the curtain

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