Savage in Limbo

Written by John Patrick Shanley, Directed by Gabriella Rose-Carter

It’s the Bronx. It’s a Monday night, and it’s time to make a change.  John Patrick Shanley’s Savage In Limbo is an explosively touching comedy about a group of desperate 32 year old former class mates, tirelessly caught in the limbo of their unexceptional lives.

In the seedy surrounds of ‘Scales’ bar, the five lonely souls search deep within themselves and look to each other in a frantic bid to connect to a world that is beyond the restriction of their own shackles. They might not know where they’re going, but they’ve all got their determination.

Q44 is proud to present their first production by playwright and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley (Doubt, Danny And The Deep Blue Sea, Moonstruck). Q44 is named in tribute to Shanley’s observations of life as he rode the Q44 bus from the Bronx to Queens and this production will showcase his work in all of its combustible glory.

Samantha Mesh as ‘Denise’
Anthony Scundi as ‘Tony’
Sarah Nicolazzo as ‘Linda’
Andrea McCannon as ‘April’
Kostas Ilias as ‘Murk’.

★★★★★ “Q44 Theatre’s ‘Savage In Limbo’ is actors’ acting, and a ballsy, brilliant hell of a ride. Don’t miss it.” – Theatre People

“Doing plays that actors want to perform. Great writing from the USA, great performances.” – Sometimes Melbourne Theatre Blog

“Nicolazzo and Mesh are highly entertaining to watch, and bounce off each others’ charisma well in their equally strong performances.” – Theatre Press

“This is what acting is truly about…being brave and embracing truth and pain. [Mesh] is simply stunning.” – Stage Whispers

Behind the curtain

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