Play Reading: Bella and Chaim

Written by Sara Rena Vidal

Q44 has been working with Sara Rena Vidal in adapting her acclaimed bio-memoir into a stage play. We invite you to the first public reading of this work. At the conclusion of the reading please join us in discussion (with coffee and cake) where your feedback will be most valued.

Bella and Chaim met and fell in love in the Warsaw Ghetto where they witnessed the destruction of a way of life; sole survivors of both their families, they endured entombment for eighteen months before rescue, liberation, and immigration to begin anew in Australia.

Memory, historical records, fragments of Melbourne in the 1950s, and the honouring of the murdered and the righteous, mingle with real-time musings on the light, dark, and potential of being alive; ever present are the dilemma’s facing us today.

Will Atkinson
Xanthe Gunner
Suzanne Heywood
Kostas Ilias
Tania Knight
Gabriella Rose-Carter
Anthony Scundi

Venue: Q44 Theatre
Abbotsford Convent
Date: Sunday 8th September
Time: 2PM
Tickets: $10

Behind the curtain

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