Kafka’s Monkey

By Franz Fafka, Adapted by Colin Teevan, Directed by Gabriella Rose-Carter

Kafka’s Monkey is based on Kafka’s darkly comic story, A Report to An Academy, in which an ape, Red Peter, lectures the “esteemed members of the Academy” on his transformation into a cultured European man.

Shot and captured on the Gold Coast of Africa, Red Peter is then confined in a cage in the bowels of a ship, where he learns the niceties of human behaviour – spitting, drinking rum and finally speech. As a means of survival, it is here that he has his “fine clear line of thought”… In order to get himself “a way out”, he has to stop being an ape.

Boris Granolic as ‘Red Peter’

“The gentle touch with which this piece has been staged, directed and performed allows the audience to be engaged, enveloped and moved. It’s a piece that continues to ring through your mind for days after you have left the performance.”—Australian Arts Review

“Q44 Theatre has quickly established itself as the go to group for exciting and dynamic choices… Gabriella Rose-Carter directs ‘Kafka’s Monkey’ with aplomb and heart.”—Theatre People

Behind the curtain

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