Zander’s Boat

Written by Grace Barnes, Directed by Suzanne Heywood
Associate Director Gabriella Rose-Carter

“We tell stories in Shetland – we’re good at that. It’s a place full of darkness. It’s hard, cold, with a wind that cuts clean in two. And everywhere the eye turns to look it finds the sea. Sometimes green, sometimes blue. Mainly grey. But stories can fill that dark with light and banish the shadows hiding there, waiting.”

At the edge of the sea three Shetland women, adrift on the rhythm of the waves and wind, paint the air with their words as they tell tales of love, death and miracles. Set against the backdrop of Shetland with its’ history of the magical and mystical they tell stories of struggles which are personal but at the same time universal. In this profoundly moving piece we bear witness as these women navigate the road to hope.

Q44 Theatre is proud to present the Australian premiere of Zander’s Boat.

Edith – Suzanne Heywood
Sylvia – Liza Meagher
Marie – Gabriella Rose-Carter

Creative Team
Set and Lighting Designer – Will Atkinson
Composer – Pantelis Krestas
Trailer – Marco Mitchell

Previews: 22nd & 23rd October
Opening Night: 24th October
Season:  25 Oct – 3rd November
Session Times:  All performances at 8pm except Sundays 6pm

Behind the curtain

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