Sister Cities

Written by Colette Freedman, Directed by Suzanne Heywood

Four estranged sisters, each fathered by a different man, are reunited following the sudden death of their Mother. With witty dialogue and surprising plot twists this is a powerful and entertaining piece of theatre that captures the complexity of modern family life.

After captivating audiences around the world, and with a film adaptation starring Jacki Weaver on the way, this will be the first time this piece has been performed in Australia.

Suzanne Heywood as ‘Mary’
Gabriella Rose-Carter as ‘Carolina’
Nicole Melloy as ‘Austin’
Sarah Nicolazzo as ‘Dallas’
Annalisa Lucca as ‘Baltimore’

“Q44 is such a well kept secret that even I am reluctant to talk about them for fear exposure might burst the bubble of excellence in which they exist. But they deserve, and MUST be talked about, because since their inception in 2013, they haven’t put a foot wrong.”—Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers

Behind the curtain

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