Unsolicited Male

Written by Ron Elisha, Directed by Suzanne Heywood

Dates: 26 July – 7 August
Venue: Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran

“I knew there was a reason I hired you.”

Zeke, an accountant and Wendy, his assistant are working late one night when they decide to go out for a meal, but one thing leads to another, and things get messy and complicated…

Starring Kym Valentine and Russell FletcherUnsolicited Male is an intimate and confronting exploration of the nuances and complexities of workplace relationships – the unavoidable connections and fine line between friendship and flirtation.

Inspired by #MeToo, Unsolicited Male turns the spotlight away from Hollywood and onto the everyday lives of ordinary men and women to ask important and difficult questions about power dynamics and gender stereotypes in our society.

Set in a suburban accounting firm, the story offers a number of perspectives and invites the audience to reflect on and discuss the issues, themes and events of the play.

Presented by Q44 Theatre in partnership with Chapel Off Chapel, this is one thought-provoking and entertaining performance that will stay with you long after the lights go down –> scroll down to read the reviews.

*Unsolicited Male contains confronting mature content. MA15+


Kym Valentine – Wendy, the PA

Russell Fletcher – Zeke, the boss

Gabriella Rose-Carter – Chelsea, the sister

Anthony Scundi – Noah, the life coach

Will Atkinson & Andy Berry-Brown – Marshall, the waiter

Production Manager: Will Atkinson               

Set Design: Suzanne Heywood & Will Atkinson                                            

Lighting Design: Will Atkinson   

Sound Design: Joel Armour     

Operator: Joel Armour  

Swizzle sticks and unspoken agreements

Meet the cast and crew



★★★★★ “…the play grabs viewers’ attention from the outset. Never letting go for even a second…performances are rich and layered, peeled back like the proverbial onion…At times confronting and shocking…Unsolicited Male will wring you dry.” – Nick Pilgrim, Theatre Matters

★★★★★ “…expert production, layered writing and honest-to-life performances… Transfixing… — ArtsHub

★★★½ “…a witty comedy with a deceptively simple scenario…Unsolicited Male will leave audiences debating all the way home.” – Kate Herbert, The Age

“Theatre at it’s best..”—Meredith Fuller, TAGG

“Savvy, funny and shocking…” — Alex First, The Blurb

“…concise, focussed and beautifully executed…” —Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers

 These are real questions, for our time, maybe for all times, but here presented in such slick, funny and concentrated form that we are held, entertained and made thoughtful.” —Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers

“A sharp, harrowing, and explicit deep-dive into the politics of male and female relationships in the workplace”—Jordan Irving, Milkbarmag

Behind the curtain

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