Written by Edward Allan Baker, Directed by Suzanne Heywood

Baker writes with such humanity and humour that every woman who is a mother or a daughter or a sister will connect with these women and recognise something of themselves in them. Dolores and Sandra are sisters and through their story we are taken on a journey that is essentially a search for love. Along the way we encounter sibling rivalry, domestic violence and the desire to make a life which is meaningful.

How each sister navigates this journey is the essence of the play and creates a theatrical experience which is moving and provocative.These two Sisters search for love after looking in all the wrong places. Dolores and Sandra are locked in a struggle to retain their last strands of dignity.

Nicole Melloy as ‘Dolores’
Gabriella Rose-Carter as ‘Sandra’

“Both Rose-Carter and Melloy give truly connected performances, true to their training, providing gut-wrenching scenes of emotional outpouring.”—Theatre People

“An intimate theatre space allows little room to hide from the tension and tears, but we also get in on the laughs and love that the squabbling sisters can’t help but share. Rose-Carter and Melloy never falter, making this powerful one-act performance all the more convincing.  Brace yourself, but enjoy.”—Milk Bar Mag

Email from Dolores playwright Edward Allan-Baker:
I was recently alerted to a You Tube piece that you did while working on ‘Dolores,’ so I viewed it, and for 6 minutes and 4 seconds I was held hostage and genuinely moved by the keen insight and caring dedication of the cast and director of ‘Dolores’ at Q44 Theatre! I wish you all the best with Q44, and beyond pleased that ‘Dolores’ was the opening act to what I suspect will be a vital and well-attended theatre venue – Congratulations and good luck!

All my best,

Behind the curtain

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