We exist to inspire people to do things that move them forward so that together we can continue learning and reconnect the human spirit in service of a better world.

We make theatre that is intimate, confronting and relatable.

We strive to inspire people to laugh more, feel more and think more.

We don’t want our audience to watch something and then have it not exist – we want it to exist in their memory for years to come.

The stories we tell may be from home or afar, of the new or classical cannon—but they all have the power to move audiences in the way they think and feel.

Founded in July 2013, Q44 has grown from the humble vision of Artistic Director Gabriella Rose-Carter and fast garnered a reputation for excellence.  

Our Inspiration

As a young man, renowned American playwright, John Patrick Shanley observed life while he rode the Q44 bus from the Bronx to Queens. He realised it had no last stop and that it goes on forever.

The Q44 is life. Miss it and you miss life”
— John Patrick Shanley