Spike Heels

by Theresa Rebeck


Nicole Melloy as ‘Georgie’
Anthony Scundi as ‘Andrew’
Lelda Kapsis as ‘Lydia’
Michael Robins as ‘Edward’

Gabriella Rose-Carter
Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran
Aug 29th – Sep 14th 2014


Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels is a provocative, razor sharp, comedy drama that explores the power play between the sexes, the American class system, feminism, sex, and the possibility of a four sided love triangle.

A lusty, street-smart, secretary from the Bronx, A fastidious University Professor, A prudish, upper crust rich girl, and a sleazy, aggressive criminal defence lawyer battle their way through the unintended consequences of their morally ambiguous choices in this contemporary take on the Pygmalion classic.


Stage Whispers
A script full of sophisticated witty one-liners, plus a serious subtext, four terrific performances from a highly skilled cast, a director who really knows her stuff, and perhaps the most audience friendly theatre space in Melbourne at Chapel off Chapel.”
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Milk Bar Magazine
“The gloves are off and the heels are out, Q44 pumps up the volume with this razor-sharp, raunchy number.”
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Arts Hub
“A strong and enjoyable production thanks to its talented and dynamic cast.”
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Theatre People
“…there are moments of genuinely laugh out loud comedy in this production.”
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Theatre Press
Spike Heels is a highly enjoyable and intimate look into the complex world of relationships and ultimately the necessity of being true to oneself first and foremost. And tea.”
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Aussie Theatre
“Q44 have already made confident ripples in Melbourne’s independent theatre scene and are finding their unique niche and a loyal and happy audience, and showing us wonderful plays that we may never have otherwise seen.”
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