Sister Cities

by Colette Freedman


Suzanne Heywood as ‘Mary’
Gabriella Rose-Carter as ‘Carolina’
Nicole Melloy as ‘Austin’
Sarah Nicolazzo as ‘Dallas’
Annalisa Lucca as ‘Baltimore’

Suzanne Heywood
Q44 Theatre, Richmond
March 14th – April 3rd 2016


Four estranged sisters, each fathered by a different man, are reunited following the sudden death of their Mother. With witty dialogue and surprising plot twists this is a powerful and entertaining piece of theatre that captures the complexity of modern family life.

After captivating audiences around the world, and with a film adaptation starring Jacki Weaver on the way, this will be the first time this piece has been performed in Australia.


Stage Whispers Review:
“Colette Freedman’s play of four sisters with the same mother but different fathers (currently being filmed in Hollywood) looks to all the world like another Steel Magnolias in its opening minutes – but looks are deceptive. Despite the “kitch” device of each girl being named after the city where she was born, this is a darker, more confronting piece of work by far. The exploration of siblings dealing with the unexpected, and horrific, death of their mother pulls no punches, and the intimacy of the theatre makes it doubly confronting. When the characters are almost close enough to touch, they have to play the truth. Technique just won’t cut it.”
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