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We are excited to announce Pay It Forward, an initiative designed to give back to the community by making theatre more accessible while supporting the incredible work done by the Black Dog Institute’s volunteer community who assist and support those with mental health challenges

“One of Q44’s core values is ‘To Give’ and creating accessible theatre is part of our mission” says Q44 General Manager, Anthony Scundi. “We want to provide the opportunity for those who may not have the means, or have even considered it before, to attend the theatre and share the experience it offers. We have chosen this industry due to the importance that Q44 places on mental health, and it’s alignment to our values. We believe in the importance of mental health support and raising awareness within the community.”

Pay It Forward was conceived following Q44’s recent Incubator performance series. The concept of “Paying It Forward” to an aligned community organisation resonated immediately with Q44’s creatives.

Pay It Forward FAQ

1.      What is Pay It Forward?

Pay It Forward is an initiative where we invite you to purchase a gift ticket for someone you don’t know. Through the purchase of the ticket, you are paying the experience of the theatre forward to someone who may not have the means, or may not have ever previously considered it, to attend the theatre and share the experience it offers. One of Q44’s core values is “To Give”, and creating accessible theatre is part of our mission. By “Paying It Forward”, we hope to provide our audience members with an additional opportunity to share in our vision and mission. In addition to the gift of the ticket, $20 from every Pay It Forward ticket sold will be donated to our partner organization, the Black Dog Institute.

2.      What is the Black Dog Institute

The Black Dog Institute is internationally recognised “as a pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illnesses, and the promotion of wellbeing”. Black Dog “brings together the strength of a medical research institute and a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by poor mental health”.

3. How can I purchase Pay It Forward tickets?

You can purchase Pay It Forward tickets at the same time and through the same process as you purchase your tickets to our Main Stage Productions. For our latest production SHINING CITY, Follow the “Book Now” link to be taken to the booking page. When you choose your tickets for your selected performance, simply select the number of Pay It Forward tickets you would like to purchase and they will be added to your order. Pay It Forward tickets are $30 each.

4. Can I purchase Pay It Forward tickets on their own?

Yes, you are welcome to purchase Pay It Forward tickets on their own. Please note though that Pay It Forward tickets do not grant the purchaser admission to the performance, as these tickets are a gift to our partner organization, Black Dog Institute.

For more information regarding Pay It Forward please contact our General Manager, Anthony Scundi via anthony@q44.com.au.

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