NK: A Kazantzakian Montage



Alex Tsitsopoulos as Nikos Kazantzakis

Ensemble: Elyssia Koulouris, Erin Marshall, Kostas Illias, Nicole Coombs, Paul Pellegrino, Sebastian Gunner, Tabitha Veness, Tania Knight, Will Atkinson

Suzanne Heywood
Gasworks Arts Park, Richmond
Nov 13th – 17th 2017


A celebration of struggle, triumph, freedom and joy

On the 60th anniversary of his death, Q44 Theatre presents the world premiere of NK: A Kazantzakian Montage, an exploration of the life and work of Crete’s most famous writer Nikos Kazantzakis.

Nominated nine times for the Nobel Prize, Kazantzakis is universally recognised as a giant of modern Greek literature and is best known in the English-speaking world for the cinematic adaptations of his novels Zorba the Greek (1964), and The Last Temptation of Christ (1998).

Performed in the style of traditional Greek theatre, NK: A montage is an immersive spectacular merging the ancient with modern, featuring breathtaking light, sound, physical theatre and Alex Tsitsopoulos as Nikos Kazantzakis. Soon to appear in Underbelly Files: Chopper, Alex is an Australian stage and screen actor known for Hyde & Seek (2016), Gallipoli (2015) and Fat Tony & Co (2014).

Based on the Life and Writings of Nikos Kazantzakis


Theatre People Review:
“Expert stagecraft (with artistic direction from Gabriella Rose – Carter, lighting design by John Collopy, and sound design by Justin Gardam) informs the journey, characters and incidents which touched and shaped Kazantzakis’ personal and professional life. From time to time, striking costumes and simple props play a key part in telling his story as well.

Alex Tsitsopoulos is the glue holding this entire experience together. As Nikos Kazantzakis, the actor communicates a complex, soulful and driven artist of many hats.”

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