Lovers Anonymous

Lovers anonymous is Q44’s inaugural annual fundraiser. We asked Suzanne Heywood a few questions, including what should our Audience expect.

The idea began as an incubator in 2017 when we were still at our Swan St theatre. Acting students of Gabriella Rose-Carter performed monologues, all with the theme of love. The setting was a meeting, the characters and the audience sat together, all attendees. The audience response was overwhelming, and appropriate to the theme, love. Many saying they had never seen anything like it.

This year’s Lovers Anonymous is a little different. The theme is still love, our characters are still addicts, but this time they are meeting at a bar, and instead of a meeting it’s speed dating, and again the audience is invited.

Suzanne: The audience can expect to see people they know and maybe even a little of themselves!!?

You’re performing in the piece, tell us about your character, Sandra.

Suzanne: Sandra is an incurable Romantic....she grew up with these romantic notions of what constituted love and relationships. Reaching adult hood in the heady seventies when the statues quo was being challenged created further confusion and she is still looking for that knight on a white charger!

Final thoughts?

Suzanne: Finding love and keeping love is the universal struggle and this struggle has been at the core of so much of our is the theme which resonates with everyone.

Lovers Anonymous is on Monday the 7th October at 730 PM. Tickets and info here.